Academic Integrity at LU

On this page, we have collected online resources pertaining to academic integrity at Lund University:

Lund University policies

Lund University forms part of the international academic community. This means that all students and staff at LU are expected to adhere to the set of values expressed in these guidelines concerning respect for each other, honesty and integrity.

These guidelines are presented in LU policy documents:

In addition, all departments have regulations for their students concerning examination and written work, such as degree projects. In these types of guidelines, rules regarding plagiarism will be outlined. Students need to make sure that they have read and understood the information available to them at their departments. If in any doubt as to what rules apply, students must consult their teachers and supervisors.

Disciplinary measures

Staff at LU are required to report all cases of suspected cheating to the legal division of the University. There is more information about the disciplinary aspects of violation of the rules of academic integrity in our section on LU disciplinary measures:

Lund University Library academic integrity resources

The University Libraries have developed a set of resources on academic integrity for students and staff. In a film clip, Göran Bexell, Professor of Ethics (Centre for Theology and Religious Studies), and former Vice-Chancellor of LU, gives an introduction to academic conduct at LU:

The University Library has also developed online exercises on academic integrity:

Lund University Centre for Educational Development (CED)

CED offers courses and support for LU teachers on course design and teaching methods.


Like the majority of Swedish universities, Lund University has a campus licence for Urkund, a software tool for plagiarism detection. Departments using Urkund will inform their students about this and give instructions on how to use this tool.

When students submit their essays through Urkund, the texts are checked against "three central sources: the Internet; published materials; and materials previously submitted by
students (such as memos, case studies and degree work (theses/dissertations))." (The Urkund Plagiarism Handbook, 2008, p. 2).

More information about Urkund is available on the Lund University website and on Urkund's homepage.

For further reading: Swedish resources on academic integrity in English (click to expand/contract)

The Higher Education Ordinance

The Higher Education Ordinance [Sw. Högskoleförordningen] is the Swedish legal text governing higher education in Sweden.


CODEX is a comprehensive website set up by the Swedish Research Council in collaboration with the Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University. As stated on the website, its aim is "to give researchers and other interested parties access to and information on the guidelines, ethics codes and laws that regulate and place ethical demands on the research process". 

The Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Research Council has published a volume on good research practice: