Writing Stage

The writing (or drafting) stage consists of the steps involved transforming  ideas and data into a coherent text.

When material has been collected and a topic or thesis has been formulated, it is time to start writing. The writing stage is thus the main part of the writing process. Often writing at this stage is done in several steps – if the writing is part of a course assignment, the drafting of the text may consist of several instalments that are submitted to a supervisor and perhaps also to peers.

Note that we have included our advice on how to work with peer reviewing in the next part of the writing process, but as writing is often a cyclical process, that information is useful to writers all through the writing process.

Suggested AWELU resources for the drafting stage

During the writing stage, the text develops from a first tentative draft to a full text. Two areas to focus on at this stage concern how to structure the text and how to use and refer to sources.

In order to enhance legibility and thus impact, writers need to structure their texts. Read about that here:

In academic writing, correct referencing is important. Find out the basics of referencing here: