Submitting the text

Writers usually receive guidelines regarding how to submit their texts; teachers will set deadlines and specify format, whereas journals and other publishers usually provide online guidelines for writers.

Always follow the guidelines that you have received. If you have any questions, make sure to ask your supervisor or publisher well in advance of submitting your text.

In the instructional video below and the following text, we cover aspects that are often included in guidelines for final versions of essays and other texts.

Instructional video from the free online MOOC "Writing in English at University" which was developed at Lund University in 2016.


Text structure

Make sure that the text that you submit adheres to guidelines regarding the manner in which it is presented. Apart from the structure of the running text, this includes the appearance of the front page, the suitability of using figures and illustrations, etc. Read more about some of these aspects here:

Reference style

Some departments and publishers offer detailed guidelines, others will direct writers to some specific reference style. For a quick guide to AWELU resources on referencing, see

Text format

Tests must be submitted in the format required by the department or publisher. In some disciplines, text tools like LaTeX will be used, whereas MS Word or similar software is preferred in other disciplines. More information is provided here:

Word count

When handing in a document, make sure that it meets the required length. Read more here:


Whether handing in a draft during the writing process or submitting a final version of your text, for instance for your defence seminar, always meet the deadline that has been set.

The writing process continues

It is common for texts that have been submitted to require revision. Students submitting degree projects, for instance, will usually be able to make minor revisions to their texts after the defence seminar. In this case, the author of the essay receives the student reviewer's as well as the examiner's comments in writing after the defence seminar and the author is asked to make revisions and corrections before re-submitting the text according to the examiner's guidelines.

Submitting a text for publication

For information about submitting texts for publication, see the following page about the publication process in the Genres and Text Types section: