Reference Management Tools

There are several software tools to help writers manage their references. Below, information about resources used at LU and recommended by the LU Libraries (LUB) is given.


There are a number of software tools that can be used for easy reference management. Perhaps the best known of these programmes is EndNote. Through the University Libraries Head Office and LDC, Lund University has a site licence for EndNote, which means that all students and staff at LU have access to this resource for reference management. With EndNote, references and bibliographies can be created in a number of reference styles.

EndNote for LU staff

Staff wishing to use EndNote can receive help with installation of the software from the LDC Service Desk (servicedeskldc.luse).

Read more about EndNote on the Lund University Libraries website.

EndNote Web for LU students

Students can download EndNote via the Student Portal:


BibTeX is a file format, which was created to be used with LaTeX, although it is now possible to use it in Word documents too.

For information about BibTeX, see