Academic work relies on trust and academic integrity is therefore a central concept in academia.

This page presents an overview of AWELU resources on academic integrity. The section provides information about academic integrity from a writing perspective. It offers advice on how to adhere to policies regarding academic writing and the written presentation of research, especially in connection with plagiarism and related forms of academic misconduct.

What does 'academic integrity' mean and why is it important in connection with academic writing? For definitions and an introduction to the concept of academic integrity, see our section called:

For further information about academic integrity with a specific focus on academic writing, see

At Lund University (LU), there are central guidelines regarding academic integrity, and departments also have their own guidelines concerning written work, such as degree projects. On the AWELU platform, we have collected central LU resources relevant to integrity in academic writing in the section called:

To plagiarise means to use someone else's text without giving an appropriate reference to the source. Since some forms of plagiarism occur due to lack of knowledge rather than a writer's intention to deceive, the AWELU section on plagiarism focuses on strategies for avoiding the risk of plagiarism and related forms of misconduct in written work: