LU disciplinary measures

The Higher Education Ordinance (Ministry of Education and Research, 1993, 2009) is the most important legislative text governing higher education in Sweden. According to this text, "[d]isciplinary measures may be invoked against students who […] use prohibited aids or other methods to attempt to deceive during examinations or other forms of assessment of study performance" (Ch. 10, section 1).

Plagiarism, that is, the use of texts or ideas of other people without appropriate referencing, is considered deception in the sense that the writer claims to be the originator of a text which is actually not his or her own work.

LU Disciplinary Board

Staff at Lund University are required to report any suspicion of plagiarism to the LU Disciplinary Board. When such a report is filed, the Disciplinary Board reviews the matter and decides whether any disciplinary measures are to be taken. Students can be suspended from Lund University for a period of up to six months for plagiarising or cheating in other ways.