The AWELU Web Platform

The platform has been designed for easy access; users should be able to find the help they are looking for quickly.

The information on the platform has been structured in a way that we hope will be helpful to the wide target group: staff and students of Lund University.

For instance, we have designed a colour-coded navigation system to facilitate navigation between the eight sections. We have also implemented fold-down text elements in order to provide optional further information about a specific topic. A search function that simultaneously yields several types of search replies has also been developed.

Readers interested in further information will find reference lists at the end of the platform sections. The reference style used on the platform is APA.

We hope that the AWELU platform will become a hub for academic writing in English at Lund University, and that faculties, departments and other units will share their knowledge and experience in academic writing. As the platform continues to develop, it will be a valuable LU source bank for academic writing in English.

To get in touch with the AWELU team, send an e-mail to aweluluse